About Us

We are fully equipped to work with Surface Mount Technology, allowing us to produce small electronic packages. Apart from a TBS 1102b Tektronix oscilloscope and a RS Pro AFG21005
signal generation devices, we have a e-C Reflow Oven v4, a stencil preparation bed, a e-C Pick-and-Place, and a Mantis Elite microscope-assisted soldering station. Our prototyping machines include a Ultimaker 3 extended 3D printer and an EinScan-pro 3D scanner. We have acquired a vacuum chamber to improve potting, providing reliable waterproofing and mechanical strength to our environmental loggers and satellite tags.
Regarding computer power we have several workstations and a powerful 128-core rack server to assemble, manipulate and process large environmental datasets.

The team


Nuno Queiroz


My research focuses on the ecology of predatory fish movements and spatial distributions, the environmental constraints, and the consequences for conservation. The aim is to understand patterns, mechanisms, causes and consequences of animal movement with a main approach being to develop and apply novel telemetry/bio-logging systems to obtain unique insights into free-ranging marine fish behaviour. The approach and data are employed to aid fisheries management and species conservation.


Fernando P. Lima


As a scientist, I am interested on the mechanistic links between climate change and macro-ecological processes in the intertidal zone. Most of this stuff can only be studied with autonomous loggers but the nearshore environment is hard on electronics. We developed sturdy bio-mimetic temperature loggers (a.k.a. robolimpets), instrumental to describe the thermal variability within habitats and helping us to understand biological responses to climate change. ElectricBlue has been making good use of this experience.


Bruno Loureiro


I have been working as an electronics engineer in hardware applications related to marine and maritime research since 2009. Recently, I obtained a masters in software, which comes in handy when we need to develop firmware and mobile applications to manage our loggers and to analyse the data they collect.


Rui Seabra


I am an intertidal ecologist and my research focuses on the physical habitat organisms have to contend with, from the microhabitat to the continental scale. Environmental monitoring of harsh environments, big data and experimental ecology are the building blocks of my research.


Fernando Martinho

Co-op Manager

I have decades of experience in creating and managing entities in the third sector of the economy, including worker co-ops like ElectricBlue.
I provide the legal and management support necessary to ensure ElectricBlue meets its main goal of providing an innovative service to the community.